San Nicolás is a small town in the Ejido La Purisima, 60 km from Loreto and south of Bahía Concepción. This beautiful place is populated by fishermen who have dedicated their lives to this activity.
The fishing traditions remain intact, and when you arrive at the place, you can see all the vestiges of its history.
Generations after generations have known how to maintain a continuous respect for the ecosystem, which is abundant, both at sea and on land.
There is an extensive portion of land that is full of date trees which were planted by its first settlers. Today they are still standing, withstood hurricanes and major storms. Its fruits are still cultivated today, and this, together with fishing, is part of the labor activity of the inhabitants.
It should be noted that next to this town is a fascinating attraction 35 minutes away called El Púlpito Peninsula.
This peninsula is private property for sale or looking for investors to generate ecological spaces that help reactivate the area's economy.
It has approximately 70 acres with more than 1.6 km of waterfront views; its landscape is sloped with a private bay on the Sea of Cortez to the SE of Punta San Antonio and the E of El Carricito. Perfect for an off-grid community, private family estate, rustic or luxury boutique hotel, all in one iconic location. 
There is a small airstrip a few kilometers away.
For all those lovers of little-explored nature, this place is truly magical and a great attraction to complement oneself in nature in its purest state. 

 nature in its purest state

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