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It’s a test of time. Thankfully, the coronavirus has shown that it's best for the world to be together rather than be in petty differences with one another. When it comes to the ultimate survival of the humankind, we forget our differences and stick together! That’s the beauty of a “community” and our hopes are high. With all the hard work being done across the globe and when this is all over, we do deserve an ovation and a cold cocktail at the golden beaches of Los Cabos!

Los Cabos , nestled in the Baja California Peninsula is a true Mexican paradise. It’s a stunning landscape, marked by a variety in geographical formations. The high cliffs surrounding the peninsula give way to unclaimed deserts which eventually lead to the emerald waters of the North Pacific Ocean. The richness also extends to an extensive marine life and has been often referred to as the “aquarium of the world”.

However, it’s not just nature that makes Los Cabos so incredible. Equal contributions come from the people and the culture that still hold on to the old world charm and a welcoming heart of the Mexican countryside. Lastly but not the least important, the cuisines here are gastronomical delights, ranging from delicious seafood and cocktails to the rugged beers and steaks!

Places you can’t miss in Los Cabos

1. Medano Beach

The most popular destinations for people planning to take a dip in the sea, it’s the perfect place to dig your feet in the soft sand and sweat out over a round of beach volley. This has been the reason why Medano has been a top pick among tourists traveling with family. The waves here are low and there is a range of water adventures to choose from. When you are done soaking yourself, a range of bars and restaurants make sure you have the best of times.

2. Lover’s Beach

Comparatively isolated from the rest of the landscape, the lover’s beach has been vetted to be the most beautiful part of Los Cabos. This is the place where the Sea of Cortez finally unites with the Pacific Ocean and this union is marked by the Los Cabos Arch. If you are into nature and wildlife, this is the place you get to witness colonies of sea lions, manta rays and other tropical marine life, each with a unique splash of color. Though swimming here is risky, it’s a perfect place to witness the sunrise and sunset.

3. Al Arco – The Land’s End

Located at the very tip of the Baja California Peninsula and exotically sandwiched between Playa del Divorcio and Playa del Amor, the Al Arco arc is a part of the age of rock formations. The crazy looking natural formations have been sculpted over time by the rough sea winds and attract hundreds of visitors every day. If you are travelling with your partner, this would be the perfect romantic spot to hold hands and see the sunset. Among others things that make you smile are the colonies of sea lions going about their playful and curious routine!

4. Whale watching in the Pacific

Now, who would miss watching these majestic yet so graceful animals? Frequenting the Los Cabos high seas, whale watching is one of the most popular attractions in this part of the world. There are a number of tour operators who take you into the sea and with expert marine biologists as your guide; you get to be up-close with the old world creatures. What’s incredible is that you can even listen to the songs of the whales as they dip in the hydrophone into the sea!

5. Town Square / Iglesia de San Lucas

Your trip to Los Cabos should be all about the sea. At a short distance from the marina is this incredibly beautiful landmark, locally called the Iglesia de San Lucas. This 19th century church is reminiscent of the old world traditions of Los Cabos, including the fine architecture that reverberates all across the town square. There are a multitude of quaint cafes and small restaurants that easily become a part of your San Lucas memories.

Other than the above, there are a variety of locally guided tours that can be a part of Mexican experience in Los Cabos. You can take part in an Art Walk, a relaxing camel ride or a cooking class to always carry a piece of the days you spent in this beautiful country. Los Cabos is an adventure unlike any, making it an incredible choice after we get done with the ongoing crisis.

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