This event has become one of the most important fishing tournaments in the world; its significant history and large prizes bring hundreds of people of all nationalities each year to Los Cabos to participate in this great event.

This incredible tournament, which has been celebrated for more than 40 years, leaves an economic spill of around 12 million dollars for the city and its surroundings, being listed as one of the richest tournaments in the world for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes.

Without a doubt, Bisbee's will remain for many more years in the annual celebrations of Los Cabos; each year, they break their records at an economic level and in the number of participants.

LIFESTYLE is always there for the big events in Los Cabos, providing everything you need to make your stay the most extraordinary you can have. 

From October 25 to 29, we are here for you for any normal or luxury vacation rental, private transportation & bespoke hospitality services so that your only concern is to enjoy yourself while fishing or experiencing this marvelous historic yearly event. 

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