Clinica SER

Clinica SER

Three Levels of the Self:

Body, Mind & Soul
All interconnected and constantly exchanging information. When there is interference in this communication, health issues and injuries arrive, like a broken water pipe in a house or a short circuit in the electrical grid. This interference commonly occurs because our habits have repercussions not only on the three levels of existence but in everything and everyone we interact with family, community, work, economy, and more.

When everybody thinks about health, it´s common only to pay attention to the physical aspect (body), but it´s impossible to stay and have a healthy mind inside a sick body, and the same goes for the soul. Thus, our aches and pains aren’t only present in our physical body and, for that matter, not only cured through the physical.

Currently, it´s complicated to stay balanced with the rhythm of our lives that oftentimes brings excess distractions, terrible quality of our food, and poorly active habits which lead us to stagnation. We believe that movement is medicine.

It´s important to have a crew of health professionals with a holistic point of view that helps keep in harmony all three levels of the self and the lines of communication between them.

At Clinica SER, you will find a set of different therapeutic options that not only assist in correcting health problems but will also help you grow as an individual and help you take responsibility and control of your life, which will be represented in your day-to-day.

All the treatments we offer our patients are always a mix of different therapeutic techniques, and based on our philosophy, the solution is never at the level of the problem. And that´s why every therapy you receive will look and feel different each time.  

How do I know when I need therapy?

If you feel tired are experiencing pain or discomfort in your body, as little as a headache and as complex as sciatic nerve pain. Let us remind ourselves that sometimes we have learned and grown accustomed to living with pain as partners. Allow yourself to try new things; you must try new and different things to obtain new and different results.

The foundation of our therapies is centered around three main pillars: chiropractic, osteopathy, and acupuncture, but we master a combination of over 15 therapeutic disciplines.

CHIROPRACTIC & OSTEOPATHY combine biomechanical and manipulative techniques; the objective is to correct the position of all the joints in the body, and it helps improve health in all the systems and organs. All Chiropractic adjustments are specifically designed to attack the problems in the spine's joints. Osteopathic movements go deeper and can help with every tissue in the human body.


ACCUPUNTURE is a millenary technique, part of Chinese Traditional Medicine. It helps balance the energy (Qi) of the body, manipulating electrical signals that help increase or decrease the internal temperature (Yin/Yang) of the organs. With this therapy, one can attack the psychosomatic profile of diseases, and it is an excellent complement to metabolic and hormonal disorders.

BIOMAGNETISM is a non-invasive technique that uses medical grade magnets with special specifications that help alkalinize the metabolism; a healthy body is alkaline, but when the body has high levels of acidity, the diseases multiply at a faster rate. For this technique, the magnets are placed in specific points that help target the required ailment.


CUPPING is another technique that is part of Chinese Traditional Medicine that is used when there is tightness, soreness, or pain in the muscles. It attacks inflammation, activates circulation of the lymphatic system, and helps redirect all the body's efforts toward controlling pain and inflammation. 

This and many more techniques are part of the repertoire of disciplines that we at Clinica SER use to assist in controlling and preventing disease and infirmity. We believe that health starts when one chooses to heal, and we take that very seriously. Our only objective is to help as many people as possible achieve, maintain, and improve their ideal health through non-invasive techniques.

We´re not your usual therapists; we do not believe that there is only one path to health and wellness nor one “cure-all” technique; this is why we take the best of each discipline to offer the best results. At Clinica SER, we are therapists convinced that to find a healthy life, it is necessary to master self-discipline, consistency, and self-love.

Our crew is formed by.
Diego Ordoñez Hernandez
  • Chiropractor
  • Fitness & Nutrition Coach
  • Fundamentals of Biodecodage
Rodrigo Guzmán Gallardo
  • Chiropractor
  • Osteopath
  • Master Reiki (Usui Technique)
  • Ho´oponopono
  • Hydrosaline Therapy (Marine Plasma)
  • Acupuncture
  • Biomagnetism
  • Sound Healing
LIFESTYLE wants to provide you with all the tranquility and serenity that you need when you visit us. We are always at the forefront of any requirement so that your stay is the best, and if your physical and mental well-being requires it, we have the best solution to make your stay enjoyable.

For us, it is always a pleasure to be at your service.