Discovering Rural Tourism in Baja

Discovering tourism rural in Baja

Exploring rural tourism in Baja Southern California means immersing oneself in this region's rich customs and traditions. The experience involves savoring authentic flavors and smells of local cuisine, venturing down dirt roads to reach remote ranches, and discovering the unique stories and daily routines of their owners, who work tirelessly to maintain a life dedicated to animal husbandry and farming. With numerous ranches and rural areas scattered throughout Baja California Sur, visitors can expect to encounter a diverse range of landscapes and activities that showcase the natural beauty and cultural richness of this region. 

Many of the ranches and communities in Baja California Sur offer tourists the opportunity to participate in traditional activities such as saddlery, pottery, gardening, and local cuisine. Guests can learn to make flour tortillas, visit fruit and vegetable plantations, and purchase artisanal products sold too at some of the best hotels in the area. The region is home to a variety of natural attractions, such as archaeological ruins, colonial buildings, and historical areas that are steeped in legends and stories. 

Visitors must adhere to specific rules to maintain sustainability and environmental care, particularly in the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve. However, with a growing number of people interested in reconnecting with nature and learning about its benefits, the market niche for rural tourism in Los Cabos and its surrounding areas is expanding year after year. LIFESTYLE offers small rural circuits that last a weekend or just two days, providing visitors with a chance to explore lesser-known sectors of the destination and taste native cuisine made in a more rustic but no less delicious way. 

The pandemic has prompted people to value outdoor experiences more, and rural tourism has increased. By promoting cultural roots in these rural areas and representative places, we can ensure that the region's identity and traditions remain current and relevant to both locals and visitors. The natural wealth of this destination has always been the mainstay of the economy, and the quality and kindness of its people leave an indelible mark on visitors. The workers who cultivate and care for their lands with love and dedication deserve recognition for their contribution to creating unforgettable rural experiences for visitors. Overall, rural tourism in Baja offers a unique and enriching experience for anyone interested in exploring the natural beauty and cultural richness of this region. 

So, if you are ready to start enjoying the rural beauties, we present one of the many circuits you can do to fill yourself with new flavors and paths to explore.
We hope you enjoy a different way of discovering Baja with LIFESTYLE, leave everything in our hands, and explore new paths, cultivating unique experiences. 

  • The Rancho Costa Azul JR is located 56 kilometers from Cabo San Lucas and is a 24-minute drive from Los Cabos Airport. With 80 hectares, they have created a true paradise for mango and cheese lovers. They have around 3,000 mango trees, which have export quality. Each year, they sell approximately 100 tons to countries such as Japan, the United States, and the European Union. The owners have always taken care of the quality of the irrigation water and the food they give to the goats so that their cheeses are of the highest quality. 
    The variety and seasoning of their cheeses are of gastronomic excellence. Their great stars are the fresh panela cheese and the cream cheese seasoned with chiltepin chili, fine herbs, and garlic. They also make other products derived from goat milk, which are carefully fed with alfalfa, corn silage, molasses, and ferments. 
    In the afternoons, they are released to de-stress them so that they have a free-range diet. Kefir, fresh goat milk, natural yogurt, sweet cajeta, semi-hard cheese (which they call "Indian" in honor of the father of the family), 100% organic ranch honey, and bone broth are part of all their preparations. 
    In addition to all the delicacies that you can find in this Ranch, they also have a space with a large pool, palapa, and grill to spend pleasant moments with family or friends. In this space, they also demonstrate how they make their products and, of course, provide a taste of all of them.
  • The award-winning Restaurant, "Doña Pame," is located in the Miraflores Ejido, Municipality of Los Cabos BCS, 34 km from the Los Cabos International Airport (San José del Cabo) and 68 km from Cabo San Lucas. Here, you will find a delicious breakfast and lunch. Visiting Doña Pame means that you will taste traditional Southern California foods every Saturday and Sunday of the year. 
    Chefs like Doña Rosario specialize in empanadas and flour tortillas, while Mrs. Gabriela serves her delicious traditional fresh soup, which is very popular in the area. Chef Trinidad offers pizzas, roast chorizo sopes, and other specialties that will surprise you when you visit this place surrounded by native nature and the beautiful house that dates back to the year 1800, where this traditional Restaurant operates.
  • Rancho Sol de Mayo is an ecotourism ranch in the Municipality of Santiago within the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve. In 2010, it decided to open its space to the public so that national and foreign tourists could enjoy the beauties this part of the Sierra de la Laguna offers.
    This Ranch has six cabins, perfectly equipped and very comfortable for four people, a small kitchen for those who prefer to prepare their food and a recreation area with a stove. They have solar energy in each of the cabins.
    Its restaurant, run by the owners' children, serves breakfast and lunch with local ingredients.
    The internet connection is only in the reception and restaurant area. The accesses are perfectly signposted, and the roads are in excellent condition.
    The entrance has an environmental recovery fee to the reserve, which is very accessible.
    The big star of this beautiful Ranch is the Cañón de la Zorra; this beautiful attraction has a 12-meter-high waterfall surrounded by spectacular rock walls and desert vegetation such as the characteristic cacti and bushes. 
    A landscape like something out of a postcard with its turquoise-green waters is one of the most desirable settings in Baja.
    It should be noted that the path to reach this paradise is perfectly signposted, with a dry bathroom along the way. From the reception departure to the waterfall, it is about a ten-minute walk. It must be considered that the difficulty is HIGH for people with reduced mobility.
    Access to the canyon for pets and food is NOT allowed because the conservation of the place is taken exhaustively.
    We want to highlight the best experiences contemplating nature in its maximum splendor, so places like these deserve to be visited responsibly, respecting their fauna and flora, leaving them utterly amazed with all their beauty.