El Triunfo, a town that knew how to shine

When visiting a destination as prestigious as Los Cabos, we often need to remember to look to the sides; therefore, we want to show you one of the historical treasures this part of the Baja California Sur peninsula has.

El Triunfo is a small town located north 150 km from the center of Cabo San Lucas. It peaked in the 19th century when many workers settled to develop mining; extracting gold and silver in this region meant incredible economic growth for the area and the country.

The economic activity that was generated at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century was so important that the Triunfo had the privilege of receiving one of the most important acquisitions of the time (the year 1882); the 1st Steam vehicle, which was called "Loco movil" by a chronicler who wrote an article about this great event. This vehicle was supposed to be driven by pistons moved by understanding water, fire, and steam since engines that ran on oil had yet to arrive.

El Triunfo has become an obligatory place in the tour of the routes of Baja California Sur since it also has small attractions around it that enrich the visit much more, such as the Cactus Sanctuary or visiting the artisans of the ejido El Rosario.

Going through the restaurants in the area to eat their delicacies made with local products is to treat yourself to a gastronomic souvenir of the place.
And if it's about spending the night, E Triunfo also has what it takes to relax and spend a day immersed in nature.

It is recommended to visit its three museums, "Museo Ruta de Plata," where you can learn much more about the history of the place and the importance of the mining industry in that region, "Museo de la música" which exhibits pianos and other musical instruments brought in the  days of gold and silver and the recently opened "Cowboy Museum."

Its picturesque church, built in 1751, is the first church built as a non-missionary church in the Three Californias; it is highly visited by all those tourists who come to appreciate the colorful styles used in typical religious celebrations.

For history lovers, it is undoubtedly a dazzling place.
Going through the passages will take you to discover captivating stories and legends, such as the English cemetery, the Chinese cemetery, and the witches' cemetery.

The great chimney, "La Ramona," is the star of this picturesque destination, built in 1890, and the smaller one, La Julia,  built-in 1770.  You'll be taken to a magical place where you'll gain a deeper understanding of the extraordinary work being done there. La Ramona, which is more than 35 meters high. It was repaired in 2018 for fear of a hurricane or earthquake. Not forgetting the mine called "The Tunnel of Souls."

This town has 475 inhabitants dedicated to the goat farm, handicraft sales, gastronomy, etc. 
Likewise, the film industry has used its natural settings for national and international filming.
We hope we have been able to leave you with a hint that encourages you to get to know the jewels we have in this beautiful peninsula.
For LIFESTYLE, it will always be a pleasure to give you all our knowledge about the great riches of our lands and take you to discover these cultural wonders.