The ocean represents the connection between the divine and the transcendental, with the magical and the tangible; there, the world is described in a fascinating way. The feeling of peace and tranquility, along with its movement through the waves and currents, impacts our nervous system, bringing us impressive benefits for our being, soul, and existence.

There, the billions of marine souls let us see that we are just a breath on our planet Earth.

Marine wonders are almost countless in the ocean, and we can boast that in the waters surrounding the BCS peninsula, such as the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, we can see incredible visitors at all times of the year. Suppose there is something that is not missing in Baja California Sur. In that case, natural spectacles that, without a doubt, make us feel proud and privileged to be close to and enjoy this destination, making it a unique place in the world.

One of the most awe-inspiring spectacles in this destination is the migration of the Mobula Munkiana. Each year, these magnificent creatures grace the peninsula with their presence, often congregating around Cerralvo Island, near La Ventana and El Sargento. This unique event occurs twice a year, between April and July and again in late autumn, from November to January.

There are many tours on different luxury and conventional boats. You can take trips through truly dream areas of these wonderful seas, sighting and swimming very close to them, providing the appropriate respect to preserve your tranquility and well-being when interacting with them.

The modules are bony elasmobranchs, which belong to fish with cartilaginous skeletons. They live in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide, feeding mainly on zooplankton and small fish through filtration.

However, it's crucial to note that these majestic creatures are vulnerable to overexploitation. Their reproductive cycle is less frequent than other species, making them particularly susceptible to population decline.

The wonder of their movements on the surface of the water is the incredible spectacle that lovers of marine activity enjoy year after year in our destination. They unfold with their majestic migration, leaving us with experiences we will remember forever.

Scientists are still unsure of these creatures' majestic and acrobatic behavior; however, their aerial shows have captivated science professionals and divers worldwide. Jumping is associated with certain behaviors, such as courtship, escaping from predators, and getting rid of parasites in their bodies.

When the ocean's temperature changes, we begin to see giant congregations of mobulas. The tens of thousands of specimens are so captivating around the entire peninsula that they generate great expectations in all those who enjoy adventure in wild nature.

For all those who have enjoyed watching them swim up close, they have been able to experience the synchronicity in their swimming, which makes it an experience that is difficult to forget.

These species have gestation periods of 12 months and have a calf every 2 or 5 years. According to these numbers, the fecundity of this species is the lowest of all sharks and rays. They can measure up to seven meters long, making them one of the most fascinating creatures in the ocean.

According to researchers, these marine species have the largest brains of all fish but are incredibly gentle. Their bodies have a shape that attracts a lot of attention; they are hydrodynamic, which generates a decrease in the resistance of water movement.

Thanks to the fight for its conservation, in 2019, it was included in the Mexican Official Standard 059 in the General Wildlife Law, and although there are no management plans from official sources to carry out tourist activities, many professionals and researchers are dedicated to giving talks to raise awareness among tourism service providers about the importance of not altering the environment and their behavior, avoiding putting them in danger while swimming or when sightings are taking place.

Consciously working among ecotourism companies and local people to make tourism increasingly sustainable is vital to preserving a surrounding economy that benefits all sectors of this destination.

As a protected species, it is extremely important to educate the population and tourists so that enjoyment is accompanied by respect for the environment and vulnerable marine species, such as the mobulas.

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