If you’re a nature lover, you should add a day trip to Espiritu Santo Island in La Paz, just north of Cabo, to your itinerary. Brought to you by Cabo Expeditions, one of the top-rated tour companies in Los Cabos, this island expedition offers fun for all ages. Keep reading to learn more about taking part in this unique experience during your vacation in Los Cabos.


From the modern port of Cabo San Lucas, a chauffeur will drive you up the coast to La Paz. Your guide will fascinate you with the historical background of the Baja region and Espiritu Santo Island. Along the way, you will stop for a typical Mexican breakfast. Once in La Paz, you will take a short boat ride across the bay to the island. Let the adventure begin! Your experienced guide will lead you on an adventure of a lifetime, as you snorkel and swim with the sea lions. Bring along your waterproof camera to capture the spectacular experience. During the nature hike, your guide will tell the inspiring tale of how the island became a protected reserve. Take in the sights of 2,000-foot high mountains, sheer rock dropping off into the water and white sandy beaches dotting the coast. Here you’ll see why Espiritu Santo is one of the most amazing attractions on the Baja California Peninsula. Enjoy a traditional Mexican lunch out on the beach as you relax, snorkel or just take in the scenery. Your guide will take you back to Cabo San Lucas as the end of the day. Enjoy all of the Mexico Vacation Experiences and Activities With us.
Of the nearly 1,000 islands scattered across the Sea of Cortez, Isla Espiritu Santo is by far the jewel of them all. While it’s only 31 square miles, with 12 protected bays, it is home to numerous endemic flora and fauna. Learn why the black jackrabbit and wild fig are unique and important. Surrounded by turquoise waters, this island is home to coral reefs, colonies of sea lions, dolphins, whales and over 800 species of fish. In fact, the waters are home to 39% of the world’s fish species.
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