The true beauty of everything that surrounds us has to do with the immensity of nature. Direct contact with it is the source of energy that emerges from the most intimate part of each of us. By feeling it, our body begins with a vibration where everything can be healed, where our body and our soul find their balance. Our sensations and emotions are closely linked to it. So, why not respect and thank her daily for her work towards us?

Los Cabos has that "I don't know what it is" that makes you fall in love when you step on its lands with landscapes that seem straight out of a painting. When stepping on these lands, one is consistently praised for the beauty of its natural environment and all the richness of biodiversity that can be discovered in this destination. The Estero San José del Cabo is one of those places that adorns this beauty. Still, its beauty describes not only what is aesthetically visible but also the perfection in each of its natural processes.

It combines the wonder of creation with the simplicity of life itself.
The estuaries represent one of the most incredible works in forming life on our planet.
When talking about an estuary, we refer to a shallow body of water found in coastal areas.
Estuaries are ecosystems of vital importance for the development of marine and terrestrial life since they are the home and refuge of an immense number of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects, as well as numerous species of aquatic and terrestrial plants.

They also act as a natural barrier against storms and tides, protecting the coasts from significant floods and other natural disasters.
They are also breeding grounds for many species of fish and crustaceans.

It acts, in return, as a feeding area thanks to the richness of nutrients in its protected waters for the offspring of different organisms, fish, and birds stationed there, where they develop and grow before venturing into the open sea.
They are temperature regulators, they maintain the climatic balance of the area where they are located, and as if that were not enough, they are significant generators of oxygen and provide fresh water for livestock activity.

Are human beings aware of the importance of maintaining these sanctuaries that the only thing they give us is quality of life to continue existing?
Today, many geographical areas of this type are threatened by human beings' inability to understand and not aware of the damage that may result from not correctly preserving these ecological spaces that are highly fragile and susceptible to poor management of the environment.

joes dal cabo

Our destination has the privilege of having one of the most important specimens in the Mexican northwest. It is the only freshwater coastal lagoon in Baja California Sur that is separated from the sea by a natural sand barrier, which generates a particular landscape for appreciating it.

The sandy shores located in front of the San José del Cabo estuary also provide a grand spectacle of nesting sea turtles, where the avalanche turtle, olive ridley turtle, loggerhead turtle, bighead or yellow turtle, hawksbill turtle, and black turtle stand out.
It is essential to highlight that there are associations dedicated to the conservation of these reptiles where they protect the eggs they rescue so that they are not eaten by predators or destroyed by human activities since there are many private recreational activities that often damage the nests by stepping on them with ATVs. . , horses, breeders and more. Their release can be observed in July/August until December. And you can see this near our magnificent Estero.

These bodies of water and land are so crucial that thanks to their extraordinary capacity to capture carbon dioxide, they help protect us from climate change.

And as if all this were not enough, it is an economic generator of great importance due to the great possibility it provides by supporting different tourist activities that leave a significant financial impact on the sector. By carrying out activities such as kayaking, bird watching, and hiking along trails, it not only generates the local economy but also allows the possibility of educating everyone who visits it, turning the visitors themselves into multiplying agents of all the needed knowledge they have for its preservation.
The Estero San José del Cabo has an approximate area of 50 hectares, highlighting the magnitude of its function in this region. It was decreed as a Protected Natural Area in 1994. It is located at 23º 05' north latitude and 109º 40' west longitude.
It is located very close to the main square, called Plaza Mijares, and the hotel zone, where it is located, is an excellent starting point to appreciate much of its beauty.

LIFESTYLE invites you respectfully to be part of the change in raising awareness of these fragile environments.
Protecting and conserving these habitats is crucial to ensuring the health and resilience of coastal ecosystems and the well-being of humans and these natural areas.