Foods to Try on Your Cabo San Lucas Vacation in 2022

There are a lot of destinations where you can go on vacation. You can have the best cuisine in those countries. We are here to tell you about Cabo San Lucas Catering Services. Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places for all food lovers.
You will find the best food in Cabo. Moreover, in Cabo, you will find the best food during festivals all year. You can attend the culinary festival and have the best food vacations. Now, mark your calendar and enjoy yummy food.

Mexican Chocolate Clam from Cabo San Lucas Catering Services:

Mexican Chocolate Clam is a type of clam that is prepared in a unique style. You will have to roast it on the stone bed. Then you need to cover it with rosemary that will add some special flavour to clams. It is one of the best dishes that you must try.


Shrimp and Fish Tacos:

Fish Tacos and Shrimp are also known as one of the classic meals of Cabo San Lucas. It is also a local dish that is seasoned with the best ingredients. It gives the freshness and will combine for making the tacos a memorable meal during your trip.


Smoked Marlin:

When it comes to Marlin, it is one of the common species that are easily available in Cabo San Lucas. People make several dishes from Marlin in different ways. It is smoked and shredded so it is well preserved.
It also helps in enhancing the flavours. When it is served with vegetables and cheese, smoked merlin looks amazing. Moreover, it is also served with tortillas, totopos, crackers, etc.

Comida de Pobres:

Do you know that Comida de Pobres is also known as poor mans’ food? But you must not get deceived by its name. It is one of the popular food items. This dish is simple but it is also very delicious. It contains the best soup that is made from Mexican beans and rice.

Fajados Chicken Tamales and Guemes Tamales:

Guemes Tamales is a traditional dish of Cabo. People in the peninsula enjoy eating this dish. This dish is made from either pork or chicken. It also contains raisins, olive oil, and olives. Fardados are chicken tamales and are also a traditional dish in Cabo. The natives prepare it with corn dough, delicious seasoning, and stewed chicken. There is a corn dough that is covered by corn husk.


Pitahaya is also called dragon fruit. Do you know that it is a traditional miracle treat? It is one of the best foods that suits a unique climate. It is basically a cactus fruit that grows usually in desert regions. This fruit is used to make jellied candies, crystallised pitahayas, marzipan, jams, etc.

Concluding Thoughts on Cabo San Lucas Catering Services:

You can have amazing and tasty food in Cabo and enjoy your holidays. You can order the food anywhere or can order from Cabo San Lucas Catering Services. We hope that you liked the article.

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