How to Get the Best Flight to Cabo San Lucas

If your family or friends are hoping to get a great flight to Cabo San Lucas, consider the following steps in making the journey to your beach vacation a comfortable and positive one.

How Early to Book Your Cabo San Lucas Flight

Finding the right flight is often a matter of knowing what matters to you and then setting up an alert to get the right flight for you. For instance, do you have preferred airlines, a comfort or business class preference, a price point, or a preference for zero layovers? The more requirements, the early you may want to start looking at flights. Because occasional great deals on exactly what you are looking for will arise, we recommend tracking flights or speaking to your travel agent 6-9 months before your trip.

As to when to buy the fare, anywhere from 45 to 90 days before departure tends to be the sweet spot, depending on the season, with spring flights needing to be booked the earliest. After 45 days, planes tend to be getting full and your optimal seats may no longer be available.

Understanding the Cabo San Lucas Busy Season

Winter and Spring, December through April, are the most popular times to travel to Cabo San Lucas, so if your stay is planned for this time frame, you'll probably want to add some cushioning to your plan for booking flights ahead of time. The earlier you begin looking or schedule with your travel agent to assess flights, the better off you will be.

Consider the Best Times and Dates for Your Flight

If you want emptier flights and more seat options, consider flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday to Cabo San Lucas, but remember that the best day to fly may be more determined by your own schedule and  your Cabo Vacation Rentals  villa than by the flights.

Evaluate a few months ahead of time what the schedules for flights are for your favorite times of day to fly. Do you prefer to arrive mid-afternoon for your first dip in the pool, even if it means getting up early for the flight? Do you not mind heading straight to a late dinner from your private chef if it means getting to the airport at a reasonable time in the morning? You have the power to find the right schedule for your preferences.

How to Book Flights for Large Groups to Cabo San Lucas

If you want to book a large block of flight tickets to Cabo San Lucas, you may want to look a bit earlier, as early as a year in advance, talking to your preferred travel agent to see if there are any potential volume discounts or volume perks, such as a few seats in business class, with your purchase. This can be very nice for getting a bridal party, family reunion, or corporate team to fly together to Cabo San Lucas.

Depending on the size of the group, you may be able to prioritize being on the same flight, or you may be able to split the party into groups that will arrive onsite at nearly the same time. A travel agent can help you evaluate the options available to you given the preferences and size of your group.

Finding the Perfect Villa When You Arrive in Cabo San Lucas

With these tips, you'll arrive refreshed and ready to recharge along the coastline at Cabo San Lucas in a perfect Beachfront Vacation Rentals Villa. Lifestyle Villas provides the best source of private rentals in the Cabo San Lucas area, giving you access to amazing properties and worry-free booking. Get to know our opportunities and book here today!