How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding in the Holiday Season?

A destination wedding is a great idea. Destination weddings are a great way to discover your blissful union. What about planning the big day thousands of miles away? Enter Mindy Weiss.
Mindy has organized a lot of destination weddings and has also put together lavish (and sometimes secret) nuptials for some of Hollywood's top A-listers.  She's learned a lot about how to flawlessly pull off a faraway event after all these years. Here are six of her tips:

These are the Questions You Need to Ask
First, choose the type of Cabo Wedding Services that you desire. Do you want a tropical wedding, a beachy affair, surrounded by mountains, or something European? This will help you narrow down your options. Mindy suggests that it's a good idea to choose a destination for your wedding to reduce travel. Consider if you have been together before and shared wonderful memories. It could be the ideal location for your wedding if you have always longed to return.

 choose the type of Cabo Wedding Services that you desire

1. Think about Your Guests
Mindy states that it is important to consider how far your guests have to travel. How difficult it is to reach your destination, etc. "Her rule of thumb is that if you are planning a large destination wedding, you will want it to be easy to reach. You can choose places that are closer to your guests for smaller weddings.

2. Get the Weather
Rain on your wedding day can be good luck. But it won't make you a happy bride or groom. It can be a surprise when the weather isn't familiar. Mindy says that weather phenomena can occur in different parts of the globe at different times.

3. Search for a One-Stop-Shop
It is difficult enough to plan a wedding. Add in the fact that it may be stressful to do so from hundreds to thousands of miles away and it becomes even more complicated. Mindy states that it is a good idea to find a venue that provides services in-house when planning a destination wedding. Hotels in a destination can be great because they offer catering and are convenient for guests who want to stay near the wedding location.

Search for a One-Stop-Shop

4. Stick with Destination Themed Decor & Food
She suggests that the decor should complement the destination. I believe the most common mistake is when couples bring a fancy hotel wedding to the beach or to the hotel's beach. Use the amazing resources and designs in the area to bring your love to the destination that you've chosen.
This is also true when it comes to food. Mindy says, "I love creating menus to highlight what's in season at the destination." Who wants to barbecue in Italy, honestly?

5. Shipping Costs
While it is easier to budget for a wedding dress or catering, many couples are caught off guard by unexpected costs. Mindy suggests that you budget for transportation costs to the destination and accommodation. You should also be aware that guests who are not able to travel at the time you plan to invite might not be able.

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