LOS CABOS - A Dream destination post COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the world on pause. With people mostly locking themselves up in their homes, the idea of escaping has become even more resonant. At least for people who had always lived their life planning for their next vacation, this situation of being cornered has been tiring. We Offer Luxury Cabo San Lucas Vacation Villa Rentals in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at best prices with the comforts of home. However, the world will always bounce back and things will go normal again. The most important learning experience out of this will be to adopt a lifestyle that is in sync with Mother Nature. It’s a short lived life and the success of it lies in being happy, being cared for and being with people you love.

Given the circumstances and the norms of Covid-19 precautions that will last for longer, Los Cabos could be the next destination you should be planning about! Thanks to the Mexican Government, the country has been able to achieve a very low rate of mortality/morbidity. This is despite sharing a highly porous 3200 km border with the US, the country with the highest rate of fatality currently. The first case in Mexico was detected on the 27th of February and the authorities were prompt enough to put strategic restrictions in place. Airport screenings, compulsory quarantine for foreign-returned and restrictions on travel ensured that only a few carriers of the virus passed through. As of May 6th, the country has just reported 26,025 cases and about 2000 deaths. This is quite low considering more than 72,000 people have already died in the US. Overall, with such a substantial population, Mexico has been able to flatten the curve quite early and the country expects to get back to normal business soon.

The success of Mexico against Covid-19 does give the rest of the world a breather. While many other countries are replicating its fight against the pandemic, people are also ecstatic about places like Los Cabos opening up. It’s a country that never panicked and took things seriously and planned strategically, making it among the safest countries to visit, after the world passes the test collectively.

What makes Los Cabos safe?

The beauty of San Lucas needs an introduction. Surrounded by tropical beaches and emerald waters, it is a treat to the eyes and soul. They say that warmer climates can deter the spread of the virus. While that’s not been proved, it does sound like a good excuse to bare yourself under the sun! The beaches in Los Cabos are quiet, making it a good getaway to keep on maintaining your social-distancing norms. Further, Los Cabos has already been deemed safe to travel to with no active case of Covid-19. While you will still need to be careful about your safety, the administration does make it easier. It’s not just about government rules but all private resorts and properties have been regularly going through intense sanitization. There are medical personnel posted almost everywhere the hotel/resort staff have been screened continuously.

It’s okay to say that there is minimal risk of catching a Covid-19 infection in Los Cabos, given that you have been responsible for your safety and maintained all travel protocols.

The dream beach destination

Los Cabos makes your Mexican holiday wholesome at so many different levels. Located amazingly at the southern tip of Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos is made of the twin cities of San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Wherever you are, you aren’t too far from the beach! Stunning scenery all around, warm weather and crystal clear emerald waters, Los Cabos ranks among the top beach destinations across the globe.

For the outdoor lover, this is a place of stark contrasts. While the beaches resound their mesmerizing tunes along the coast, not far away, you can run into a desert landscape surrounded by beautiful mountains. Los Cabos had been but a small village not long ago and it still holds on to the rustic charm of the countryside. Amidst the luxury and the center of tourism in the Baja California Peninsula, is also hidden a culture that is stitched to the town's old canaries and fishing boats. It’s a place of colors, of contrasting blues and browns, of clear skies and waters and of the most welcoming people in the country we call Mexico! So, Book Your beachfront vacation rentals At Life Style Villas. and Enjoy with your family in beachfront villas Cabo San Lucas.

Not too long from now, dream of sipping on a cold cocktail in front of an impressive coastline! With your toes digging into the golden sand and the whales not too far away in the sea, the land of Los Cabos is a tryst with nature. We will soon win this fight against Covid-19 and we will need to come out stronger and wiser than ever. With each one of us having done their part in this global fight, Los Cabos will welcome you with open arms and an experience that will last a lifetime.

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