Quivira has an extraordinary meaning since it refers to a “legendary city full of riches.” This name was chosen thinking about what it would become today: a small town full of enjoyment, luxury, and prosperity in all its senses.

The creator's story, Mr. Ernesto Coppel, of one of the most exclusive places in Los Cabos, begins in Mazatlán in 1987 when he opened the first Resort of the Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán chain. Since then, the company has not stopped growing, and it was in 1994 when Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos began to operate with great success thanks to the type of tourist operations that were offered in the place and the avant-garde style that was starting to be required in a market as demanding as Los Cabos.

This is how Pueblo Bonito Rosé Los Cabos began operating in 1997, and in 2002, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf and Spa Resort opened its doors. This gave rise to what is known today as Quivira Los Cabos.

Many of these beautiful properties have been recognized by internationally renowned magazines such as Condé Nast Traveler.

The sunny peninsula of Baja California Sur has one of the most stable climates, thanks to its location. Being at the vertex of the tropics and being an area without humidity makes it a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities; this development has endless attractions to make your recreations a true pleasure. Its golf courses, dinners, and lunches in its restaurants, with external spaces associated with the natural environment, make its meals an explosion for all the senses.

A life full of luxuries and pleasure is what we deserve, and Quivira has not only the elegance and luxury that adorns this destination but also a community that is interested in taking care of the environment and advocates for its well-being.

This wonderful creation is a remarkable development that features world-class amenities, luxury accommodations, and one of the most recognized golf courses in Los Cabos and the world – designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus. This incredible golf course was recently voted onto Golf Digest's elite list of the "100 Best Golf Courses in the World." The stunning layout features 7,085 yards and has views straight out of a painting.
If you are a lover of this sport, do not doubt that the experience you will have in this place will be different from any other, not only because of the quality of services you will receive as a resident or guest of Quivira and Pueblo Bonito, but you will also have one of the most fascinating natural landscapes that you could have imagined practicing this sport. Without a doubt, enjoyment and inspiration will be present in every hit.

Homeowners in Quivira have the privilege of enjoying exclusive facilities such as the Beach Club, Market, and a diverse selection of exceptional restaurants while benefiting from significant discounts at several services.

Living in Quivira means residing in one of the most exclusive enclaves of Los Cabos, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Each year, residents have the unique opportunity to witness the majestic arrival of the whales, captivating them with their acrobatic displays. The impressive sunsets of Quivira will be forever etched in your memories.

If you are considering investment opportunities, don't hesitate to contact us for the best advice. Not only can we show you all the beauties that this destination has in store for you, but we will also be willing to provide you with all the necessary support so that you feel safe and happy to invest your future in one of the most incredible paradises in the world, Los Cabos.
Ali Ordoñez is always available to provide valuable and loving guidance for any investment decision when considering a place as spectacular as Quivira.

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