On August 31, Tropical Storm Lidia made its way through the Baja California Peninsula. Unfortunately, the Los Cabos area was strongly impacted. Heavy rainfall persisted for over 2 days, with totals around 30 inches in some areas of the Southern part of the Peninsula. That is 3 times the amount of our average rainfall in this area. Keep reading to learn more about the damage caused to the Los Cabos area, and what Lifestyle Villas is doing to help with the recovery.
Los Cabos Damage

Tropical Storm Lidia caused flash flooding and severe damage in Cabo San Lucas, the Tourist Corridor, and San Jose del Cabo. The road travel from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose was interrupted by raging rivers. This flooding severely impacted the Riu Resort, the Cabo San Lucas Country Club, the Chevrolet Agency and surrounding buildings. While the highway has opened again, there are still many parts of the road that have been washed out or damaged. The toll road from Cabo to the airport was closed, as one of the bridges was washed away. The storm also caused serious damage to other streets throughout Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, where the locals live. Many people in Los Cabos had never seen flooding like this since Hurricane Juliet. Fortunately, most of the  Cabo San Lucas Residential Communities were not severely damaged.
Los Cabos Conditions
Due to the impacts from Tropical Storm Lidia, the water supply in general in Los Cabos is poor & the water company is working hard daily to re-establish the water supply. In the interim, water is being supplied by water trucks, as there’s no estimate of when city water will be available again. Everyone in the Los Cabos area is urged to save water as much as possible, using it only for basic needs. While the power supply has been normalized, ongoing repairs could lead to power outages in certain areas. The power situation is changing hourly. Many roads were partly washed away or destroyed, many businesses and homes had flooding, and many beaches were covered with debris.
Medano Beach, Before and After Clean Up from Tropical Storm Lidia
Traveling to Los Cabos
At this time, Lifestyle Villas is putting a halt on any new reservations for arrivals this week and next week, in our luxury villas in Los Cabos. We are blocking the time out to make sure utilities are fully restored, the streets and beaches are cleaned up, and the villas are assessed and set up. We want to ensure that everything is prepared for you to have a wonderful Los Cabo Mexico Vacation Experiences, so that means allowing time for cleanup and restoration of the area.
Los Cabos Recovery Efforts
Our homeowners & clients have been very thoughtful in trying to help those severely affected by this storm. The Lifestyle Villas team was out in the most affected area of Los Cabos on Sunday passing out clothing and other items that have been collected. We are also putting together a plan to help with the need for food and other essential items. It is amazing to see how the community has come together to lend a helping hand to all of our neighbors.  Next week we will announce our plan of action to receive funds & how they will be distributed to those in need.
Thank you to everyone that’s helped through donations, cleanup efforts, etc. We are working together to recover from this storm and get the area back to the sun-soaked paradise that people from around the world come to enjoy!