Rural tourism in the Baja

Carrying out rural tourism in Baja means going into the depths of South Californian customs and feeling the flavors and smells in their meals that invite you to enjoy the true essence of these lands.

Traveling the dirt roads to get to the ranches means a real adventure. Each of these places always has different characteristics that make them unique; the stories of their owners, their great daily work to maintain a life dedicated to animals, and cultivating their land to provide a service to visitors is an experience that every person visiting these latitudes must have.

Baja California Sur has many ranches and rural areas that are suitable for receiving tourists. Many are located within the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve, so specific rules must be followed to maintain sustainability and environmental care.

It is common to find communities or ranches that invite tourists to carry out traditional activities such as saddlery, ceramics, activities in orchards, local gastronomy such as kneading, cooking the typical flour tortillas and many other activities are part of the identity of these towns.

This market niche is growing year after year in Los Cabos and its surroundings, as there is an increasingly interested public in reconnecting with nature and learning about its benefits.

It has been proven that when people have this type of experience, not only are the idiosyncrasies of these places valued but they are also excited by being able to consume differently, buying and valuing the local market.

The natural wealth of this destination has always been the central axis of the economy; promoting cultural roots in these rural areas and representative places is the key so that the sources are always valid, both for the locals and visitors.

After having lived through a pandemic, destinations that offer outdoor experiences are much more valued, and the increase in their visits has been on the rise.

For this reason, from LIFESTYLE, we want to share with you the possibility of getting to know each of these beautiful corners full of culture and tradition.
While the scenery and cuisine are exceptional, it's the warmth and kindness of the locals that will make a lasting impression on travelers exploring these regions.

From LIFESTYLE, we thank each of the workers who are committed to their lands, paying them with love and care so that all those who want to visit them have rural experiences worth remembering and thus be able to be a multiplying agent so that more and more people enjoy a lifestyle rooted in mother earth.