Due to negativity in the media and on the news, many U.S. residents are concerned about the safety of traveling to Mexico. In August, the U.S. Department of State issued a travel warning for Mexico, that includes the areas of Los Cabos and La Paz. It warns U.S. citizens about the risks associated with traveling to certain parts of Mexico due to the activities of criminal organizations in those areas. The truth of the matter is, that Los Cabos is no more dangerous than many parts of the U.S. One thing to consider is why the media heavily covers the travel warning for Los Cabos, yet refuses to cover the natural disasters such as Tropical Storm Lidia that recently affected the Los Cabos area. The media picks and chooses what to report and how they want to portray it. Keep reading for statistics and information about the safety of Americans in the Baja California region of Mexico.

Tourism in Los Cabos continues to grow. There has been a 20% increase in air passengers during the first 6 months of 2017. People wouldn’t be continuing to plan vacations in Los Cabos if it wasn’t safe. Cabo resorts and golf courses continue to win prestigious tourism and travel awards. Large scale events such as the Open of Surf and Los Cabos ATP 250 Tennis Open continue to be as successful as in years past. New direct flights are becoming available from several U.S. cities, including San Diego and Los Angeles. In addition, construction on a second international airport has begun in Cabo San Lucas.Our crystal blue waters and the amazing Los Cabos Activities and adventures still await for tourists from around the globe.
Here are some facts you may not have heard:
  • In July, the Ministry of Interior announced that there will be a 20% increase in the number of Gendarmerie and Federal agents to be deployed in Los Cabos and La Paz.
  • Tourists can now access help and support 24/7, 365 days a year in Cabo’s new CATAC offices, which are conveniently located at the Cabo San Lucas Marina.
  • Travelers can rest assured that correct measures and resources are in place to reduce the risk of these types of incidents happening again. More police, military and private security are patrolling beaches and other popular tourist areas to ensure the safety of visitors.
While recent incidents are unfortunate and should not be dismissed, they are isolated and do not reflect the general safety of the destination. Here are some of the facts you may have heard from the media:
  • Aside from 4 deaths on Palmilla Beach in August, 98% (162 of 166) of deaths have been outside of the tourist areas.
  • Drug-related murders have increased in the Los Cabos area since November 2016. (The BCS Governor publicly acknowledged that the deaths were due to drug cartels.)
  • According to the State Attorney, there have been 166 homicides in the state of Baja California so far in 2017. (None of the 166 homicides were tourists, and when compared to the high number of international tourists we receive (more than 2 million in 2016), this number is much smaller than most US Cities.)
  • In March, one female tourist was wounded in a drug related incident in San Jose del Cabo. (That’s 1 incident out of over 300,000 tourists that visited Los Cabos in the month of March. This incident remains the rare exception to the broader picture of tourism in Los Cabos.)
  • So far in 2017, three shootings have occurred in public spaces in Los Cabos. (No tourists were targeted or lost their lives in these incidents. These are isolated incidents.)
While there’s no denying there’s crime in Los Cabos and tourists need to take care, you could say this about any other tourist destination as well. Just like with anywhere that you travel, there are precautions you can take to keep you and your group safe in Cabo. In addition, you should:
  • Avoid taking and/or buying drugs
  • Avoid taking drinks from unknown people in bars
  • Don’t drink so much that you become unaware of what you are doing
  • Avoid unknown, unfamiliar areas after dark
  • Avoid the deep city streets after midnight
  • Avoid adult-style clubs
  • Always travel in pairs, never walk alone
  • Stay in populated areas
  • Use a tour guide if you wish to venture off to unfamiliar areas
  • Don’t flash your cash publicly
  • Be aware of your surroundings and use common sense, and you’ll be fine during your stay in Los Cabos.
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