A world of flavors in the spontaneous kitchen of Chef Casiano.

LIFESTYLE is always at the forefront when it comes to quality of services; food is one of those moments that we enjoy the most when we are on vacation, it is the perfect excuse to meet with our loved ones or to spend a unique moment with a place dreamed of, and that is why we choose our suppliers very carefully to offer them authentic culinary experiences.

Chef Casiano Reyes is an incredible gastronomic professional working with the LIFESTYLE VILLA family. His specialty is "spontaneity in his dishes," where he displays all his technique and professionalism with the products and flavors present to him during cooking. He is always attentive to what destiny offers him in season.

The soul of "Spontaneous Cuisine," as he calls it, is based on creating delicious meals that soak the palate in flavors with carefully selected fresh and organic products.

Casiano Reyes has generated new ways of tasting a dish thanks to his imprint and improvisation; his motto is the "authenticity" of the moment. Although, in his restaurants, there never was a menu as it is commonly known, thanks to his professionalism, he seeks customers can tell you what they want to eat at that moment to create a unique dish at that moment, based on the tastes of each diner.

For him, menus limit magic in the kitchen, and he needs his customers to remember him for the flavors he presented and for making them feel unique in the gigantic world of gastronomy.

He uses characteristic utensils from Mexican lands, such as the "molcajete" (stone bowl with three legs, used for grinding) so that the spices and vegetables come together in a unique flavor.
All the vegetables harvest the same day the recipe make; this provides a plus in the quality of the finished product.
With his 23 years of experience in haute cuisine, Chef Casiano Reyes makes each product play a leading role in the finished dish.

Our In Villa private cook can bring a magnificent culinary event to your villa; he will activate all his senses, thus enjoying LIFESTYLE's great experiences.