The Enchantment of Golf in BCS

The Enchantment of Golf in BCS

The history of Golf in Baja California Sur began in 1987, when the first course in San José del Cabo, Punta Sur Golf Club in Vidanta, was inaugurated. It came by the name San José Municipal Golf Course.
From there, the destination of Los Cabos began a new stage of tourist attractions since many people, in addition to being interested in the impressive natural beauties of the region, also began to look favorably at the facilities created around these magnificent golf fields.
Los Cabos, along with Cancún, Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, and the Rivera Maya, are the towns with the most golf courses in all of Mexico.

Over the years, this activity has been growing uninterrupted year after year in BCS, becoming Los Cabos one of the most essential destinations nationally and internationally thanks to the high-level facilities that were created in the destination. . .

Today, this sport represents one of the main attractions of this destination, such as the importance of its fields and the luxury services offered for its development. This year, in 2023, the first major World International Tournament will be held, the Wide Technology Championship, where dozens of golfers will compete for the critical prize that has been awarded since the competition began in 2007.

This type of international tournament and excellent track record make Los Cabos seen as a strategic and preferential point to carry out events of this magnitude, generating the tourist value of Los Cabos to increase, thus causing more investments that lead this destination to be one of the most important in the Mexican Republic.

The panoramic views of the golf courses, deluxe hospitality, and award-winning South California cuisine make the perfect combo for anyone who loves enjoyment and good living.

The next significant event will occur from November 4 to 10, 2024. Therefore, we invite you to witness and live this incredible experience where you can enjoy this amazing sport and learn about the South Californian culture and idiosyncrasy, which has so much to offer. 
Golf has always been seen as an activity that generates great attraction due to its delicacy and physical skill. Still, we must recognize that many players find in it a philosophy of life that has led them to find an internal balance that brings them closer to a stillness, calm, and concentration that makes consciousness play a fundamental role in completing a game.
But, besides his delicacy and skill, what is there beyond that perfect hit? What makes each player achieve accurate and effective precision? Taking the player to the limit of his intuitive and tactical capacity means that two key factors can be combined in a sport so recognized worldwide, the strength of internal balance and physical strength together with precision.

Players become addicted to the emotions that generate “freedom” in each game, which releases dopamine that brings absolute pleasure.

Without going any further, Deepak Chopra talks about the capacity of consciousness in the game in his book “Illumination,” bringing philosophical thought to this sport that generates sensations of freedom and absolute pleasure.
Lifestyle shares this feeling of pleasure and freedom; therefore, we offer you a tour program of the most important golf courses in Los Cabos, showing their high level of quality.
Many of our beautiful rental villas are located next to golf courses, with sea views, where you can enjoy long days practicing this incredible sport.
We want our clients to enjoy themselves to the fullest, playing golf with family and friends and admiring the incomparable beauties surrounding them, many of them next to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.