For hundreds of years, the Baja California Sur Peninsula has witnessed the presence of the most fascinating aquatic giants on Earth. These impressive marine mammals have shown us that they have unmatched value in the ecological balance of our seas. They can capture tons of CO2 from the atmosphere; their feces, rich in iron, nitrogen, and other nutrients, act as a fertilizer, increasing the productivity of small seaweeds known as phytoplankton, which are extremely necessary for the survival of other marine species.

Both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez have the privilege that the Humpback Whale (12 and 16 meters long), Gray Whale (11 and 14 meters long), and Blue Whale (the largest mammal on the planet swim in their waters) between 24 and 27 meters.)

Every year, from December to May, everyone living in the Baja California Sur Peninsula is blessed to see the great spectacles these giant mammals give us. The magic of being close to the whales and appreciating all their majesty makes our world stop in that moment, where we can only experience a feeling of serenity, letting every minute be recorded in our retinas forever.

Each of them has peculiarities that make them unique, which you will be able to discover once you visit us, but without a doubt, their dances in the sea with their babies and their underwater songs are one of the shows that everyone should witness.

Another of the giants that visit us every year is the Whale Shark, another majestic giant that, although it does not belong to the group of mammals, is the largest fish in the world (it can measure between 18 and 20 meters); it attracts all attention for its unmatched beauty and docility when swimming near it.

LIFESTYLE wants all its guests to live this unforgettable experience, feeling up close the great wisdom the sea can offer them.

You will be left with a feeling of peace and gratitude for what Mother Nature can give us, creating awareness of the immense value and purpose that each individual inhabits this planet has.

All the tours are extraordinary, but there is one that will leave you altogether in love…

The gray giants in Baja California Sur. 

The Baja California peninsula never ceases to surprise with its immensity at a faunal level.
Every corner has treasures worth admiring, and one of these is located in Puerto Chales, a small coastal community located on the Pacific Ocean within the municipality of La Paz, 339 km from Los Cabos and 178 km from La Paz. There, you can see one of the wonders of the ocean world, the gray whale.

This species of cetaceans travels from the cold waters of the Arctic and Canada to reach these bays and thus have their babies in calm waters.
The interaction with humans is impressive; their curiosity leads them to be very close to the boats preparing to visit them. For this reason, this ecotourism activity has become one of the most anticipated by international and local tourists.

Having the possibility of having them so close and often having brief contact with them makes this an unforgettable experience.

Gray whales arrive on the peninsula between December and May.

All tours carried out are strictly authorized and monitored by the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas. They respectfully preserve these large populations of whales because a few decades ago, they were in danger of extinction, and today, they continue to recover.
Thanks to the richness of flora and fauna of the region, you will not only be able to spot whales but also species such as dolphins, sea birds, sea lions, and countless species that take refuge there thanks to the characteristics of the geography and the mangroves that concentrate a significant amount of wildlife.

When arriving at this magical place, always remember to take into account all the recommendations provided. Visitors must be fully aware that it is necessary to continue respectfully preserving our planet and thus allow many generations to continue enjoying these beauties that nature gives us, of which we are a part. We must respect and promote your care.

LIFESTYLE accompanies you to these places, offering you all the comfort of our services so that in addition to marveling at our natural resources, you can experience the warmth of our company, being present in every detail you need. All you have to worry about is enjoying every minute of your experience... we'll take care of the rest.