Top Cabo San Lucas Residential Communities

Cabo San Lucas residential communities can be an excellent spot for your vacation. Here, we will walk you through different gated communities in Cabo San Lucas .

Cabo del Sol

Cabo del Sol is a peaceful gated community in Cabo San Lucas with over 1800 acres. It is a resort community that attracts several golf enthusiasts across the world, especially in the US, Mexico, and Canada, to have a rejuvenating time. There are several condos and family homes in this quiet community. Cabo San Lucas residential communities are a great way for you to go on a vacation and have a relaxing time. Cabo del Sol is a community that also offers excellent security and surveillance. Most apartments have several amenities like a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a wet bar, a fully stocked kitchen, etc. 
Besides, there are shopping facilities, restaurants, golf courses, and grocery stores ten minutes away from this community.

Punta Ballena

Punta Ballena is a private residential community located in a scenic and picturesque destination. The apartments in this place provide several amenities that can make your stay comfortable. Just two miles away from Punta Ballena, there is a private tennis court where you can have a great time. In these communities in Cabo San Lucas, there is a beach club with gym access, pool service, poolside resting area, etc., In Punta Ballena, you can get a beach kit cooler with four folding chairs and umbrellas that can make your time enjoyable. Here, there are restaurants within walking distance, and there are shopping facilities, golf courses, and grocery shops 15 minutes away from the Punta Ballena community.


Situated close to the city of Marina and the Pacific Ocean, Pedregal is a tranquil destination. Unlike other communities in Cabo San Lucas, Pedregal is a location with neighbors with whom you can interact. Pedregal is also close to tourist attractions that can offer you a taste of Mexican tradition and culture. There are locations near Pedregal that allow you to immerse yourself in the old-world Mexican charm. Pedregal also has a tennis court that offers a mountain view and is close to Marina city. Here, there is a practice wall that can help you sharpen up your skills. These luxurious homes in the gated community have spas where you can engage in early workouts, massages, and detoxifying facials.

Cabo Colorado

Cabo Colorado is a seaside gated community located close to Regina West and Rancho Cerro, Colorado. In these Cabo San Lucas residential communities, there are several restaurants and golf courses around ten minutes away from your luxury apartment. If you intend to try out your culinary skills, you don't have to stop while in Cabo, Colorado. You can go grocery shopping as it is a five-minute walk across the highway. Besides, traveling to Cabo, Colorado, from anywhere is also hassle-free. It is because the airport is 20 minutes away from this gated community.So, if you wish to have a comfortable stay while in Cabo San Lucas, why not connect with us? Find more information here!