LIFESTYLE is a renowned company that always strives to provide its clients with unique experiences that will inspire and motivate them to learn more about our destination and its cultural and natural attractions. Recently, the company had the pleasure of hosting an event aboard a luxury yacht called Andreika, which took place at the Cabo San Lucas Marina. The event featured an exhibition by the world-famous artist Sergio Bustamante, and LIFESTYLE was thrilled to have the opportunity to promote and publicize this event.

The event was a grand success, and all the guests and friends of LIFESTYLE VILLA had a wonderful time appreciating the art pieces on display. The event was a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people, share pleasant conversations, and make new friends.

The exhibition showcased twelve unique works of art crafted from different materials like bronze and resin in various sizes. Each sculpture was positioned in different areas of the yacht, allowing the guests to appreciate the intricate details and magic that each piece conveyed.
One of the most distinguished pieces in the exhibition was "The Journey to Melancholy," a limited edition sculpture made of resin in 2023, with only fifty pieces available. The sculpture represents a surreal masterpiece that symbolizes a moment of peace and calm, transporting the viewer to an ocean of serenity.


The artist's imagination and creativity are reflected in all his works of art. The art in the sea that was experienced on this day, we were able to see works such as:
  1.  THE UMBRELLA FISH. It is made of resin, weighing 2.14 kg, a height of 51 cm, a width of 19 cm, and a length of 31 cm.
  2.  ROMANCE. Made of resin, it weighs 4.86, has a height of 71.5 cm, a width of 42 cm, and a length of 25.5 cm.
  3.  TRAVELING FISH. Made of resin, it has a height of 39.5 cm, a width of 31 cm, and a length of 45 cm.
  4.  SCENARIO 2, SIREN WITH SPHERE. Made with resin, weight 8.78 kg, with a height of 53.3 cm, width 32 cm, length 32 cm,
  5.  THE HAPPY BLINDNESS. Made of bronze, weight 16 kg, height 48 cm, length 47 cm,
  6.  SHEREZED MOONS. Measurement of the big piece: height 66 cm, width 34.5 cm, length 19 cm.
  7.  THE PRINCESS OF SHANGHAI. Made in bronze. Approximate weight 20 kg, height 69 cm, width 20 cm, length 62 cm.
  8.  JOURNEY TO MELANCHOLY. Made in resin. Weight 18.9 kg, height 104 cm, width 89 cm, length 39 cm.
  9.  I BUST INTUITION. Made of resin, it has a height of 97 cm, a width of 57 cm, and a length of 40 cm.
  10.  THE ASTROLOGIST. It is made of resin, with a weight of 26.6 kg, a height of 94 cm, a width of 48 cm, and a length of 85 cm.
  11.  THE FLIGHT. It is made of resin, weighs 13 kg, is 190 cm high, and has a width of 61.5 cm and 47.5 cm.
  12. MEDIUM FLAMENCO. Made of bronze and weighing 35 kg, it has a height of 207 cm, a width of 70 cm, and a length of 50 cm.
LIFESTYLE is proud to have organized this event together, co-partner of Cabo Films, in collaboration with film executive producer Adrián De Antoni, and looks forward to hosting more such events. If you are interested in any piece displayed on the yacht, you can contact LIFESTYLE's offices to receive a special price and decorate your space with these beautiful and unique art pieces.