When The Streets Are Dressed in Art

The Walk Art
When the streets are dressed in art, you breathe differently, enjoyment becomes more sensitive, and walking is slower.

The simple fact of creating unites the connection between the abstract and the physical; turning the feeling into the tactical is the magic that is transformed into a unique piece, and that is why every time we see a work of art, regardless of the material, the size or shape it has, we feel that it attracts us, we feel that we connect at some point with the vibration of that artist who created it, leaving us a message from the most intimate part, since there will always be an invisible thread that unites the reason with creation.

Plaza Mijares is an emblematic place located in the center of San José del Cabo; it witnesses the Art Walk, a space where we are lucky enough to observe every Thursday between 5 pm and 9 pm the feeling of many artists who leave their works to the vision of every walker who stops to observe and admire the genuine creation of that artisan of illusions.

In the square, we will witness a display of artists who show all their talent in the heart of the square. There, tourists and locals can take their time to enjoy folk music and dances when fairs or traditional celebrations are held. Paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and all types of local crafts are presented so that you can admire and acquire this art, which is characteristic of Mexican culture.

In the streets surrounding the heart of the square, you will find distinguished galleries with various renowned artists, jewelry stores with unique pieces, and restaurants with the most varied cuisine.

Its streets with colonial-style cobblestones show the essence of what this beautiful town once was, which today represents one of the favorite destinations nationally and internationally, not only for its natural and cultural beauty but also for its safety.

The essence of Mexico is present in every detail, its classic architecture, its colorful decorations, and its friendly people, added to the enjoyment of its typical flavors make a perfect combo to learn a little more about the culture of this beautiful country.

Every corner is the meeting point for hundreds of tourists and locals who enjoy a cozy and pleasant atmosphere and an almost perfect climate all year round.
Families, young people, and seniors alike come together perfectly since the Art Walk is designed so everyone can enjoy it regardless of distinctions.

Artisans and artists prepare and enjoy being able to start a conversation with anyone who admires the beauty of their creations.

We believe that all those places that invite you to interact with people of different cultures, languages, and beliefs are a great treasure that we should all take advantage of to enrich ourselves as beings who inhabit the same planet and who, in one way or another are connected by the simple fact of existing and coincide in the same space and place.

Undoubtedly, the Art Walk is an event that no one can miss.

From November to June, each visitor is invited to be part of this traditional and picturesque walk, which offers us a little more than just art and a slow walk; it invites us to rediscover the feeling of what is different and authentic. Lifestyle Villa always encourages them to connect with the roots and idiosyncrasies that make the Mexican people so special and that so many tourists enjoy year after year.