Los Cabos - An Ideal Mexico Getaway

Los Cabos, a true Mexican paradise, is one of the most popular destinations to visit in 2021 for your ideal getaway vacation. Located at the end of the Baja peninsula, it’s the fastest-growing vacation destination across  Mexico. Cabo or Los Cabos refers to both cities: Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, which are apart by a 20-mile scenic Tourist Corridor lined with a perfect climate, glorious beaches, romantic sunsets, and breathtaking Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental Properties.

Cabo San Lucas; the perfect vacation destination that offers extraordinary natural beauty, top-notch attractions, and activities draw a deluge of tourists and spring breakers. From water sports to pristine beaches to culture and nightlife, it has absolutely everything you crave on your Mexican vacation.

It’s not just about nature that makes Los Cabos so incredible, equal contributions come from the people and culture that makes it perfect for the visitors to enjoy quality vacation time. Such as the costumes that still hold on to the old-world charm and a welcoming heart of the Mexican folks in the countryside. Especially the cuisines here are gastronomical, ranging from delicious seafood and cocktails to rugged beers and steaks!

Places you can’t miss in Los Cabos

1. The Arc

Located at the extreme tip of the Baja California Peninsula and exotically sandwiched between Playa del Divorcio and Playa del Amor, the Arc is the majestic tourist site one definitely should not miss. Molded into the shape of an arch over the years, it is a part of the age of rock formations. Among other things that make you smile are the colonies of sea lions going about their playful and curious routine!  If you are traveling with your partner, this would be the perfect romantic spot to hold hands and see the sunset.

2. Medano Beach

Filled with exotic resorts, bars, and restaurants and much more, it is the longest swimmable beach in Los Cabos. Medano Beach is the most popular destination as it feels like a traditional resort area, featuring boats on the bay, swimmers in the ocean, lifeguards on duty, and people laying out and playing in the sand. This has been the chief reason why Medano has been a top pick among tourists traveling with family. The low waves and range of water adventures make sure you have the best of your vacation time.

3. Whale watching in the Pacific

Now, who would miss watching these magisterial yet so refined animals? Over the Los Cabos high seas, whale watching is one of the most popular attractions in this part of the world. There are a number of expert marine biologists who as your guide, take you into the sea to let you get to be up-close with the old world creatures. What’s more incredible than that is you can even listen to the songs of the whales as they dip in the hydrophone into their world!

4. San Jose Del Cabo

Los Cabos, rich in cultural heritage and architectural designs, stretches between the two cities of San Cabo Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. Known for its sandy beaches, seafood, cocktails, and art galleries, where you can get to watch an art exhibition in your spare afternoon. East of the city is San Jose Estuary and Birds’ sanctuary, a nature reserve with bird species like hummingbirds, ibis, and herons. is the sight you would never forget. While exploring the beauty of Los Cabos you would definitely like to discover the dolphins among the diverse species of sea life in Cabos’ waters.

5. Town Square / Iglesia de San Lucas

If you're tired of roaming around the beaches or if you've had your fill of margaritas, then head to the Iglesia de San Lucas (Church of Saint Luke). This 19th-century church is reminiscent of the old world traditions of Los Cabos, is the main church in Cabo San Lucas and an excellent place to view local architecture as well as observe local traditions. The beautiful landmark continues to attract many tourists and has been renovated over the past several years. The nearby town square on Calle Cabo San Lucas also hosts a multitude of quaint cafes and small restaurants, not to mention a picturesque gazebo.

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