Sun May Ranch. Can de la Zorra

If there is something that characterizes Baja California Sur, it is its dream landscapes; those contrasts of turquoise sea and desert make it unique, but there is something that distinguishes it even more, and it is the quality of all its people and the work they do daily so that everyone who gets to know the destination falls in love and wants to return again and again.

All this kindness that characterizes Mexicans so much can be seen in places that are very characteristic of the area, "the ranches," which invite us to fully immerse ourselves in this culture, which teaches us so much. On this occasion, we want to lend you one of the ranches better prepared to receive tourists since it has comfortable facilities for overnight stays and exquisite local cuisine.

Rancho Sol de Mayo  is a place that invites you to rest and enjoy; when you arrive, you will be surrounded by the natural environment, which will take you to relax, putting all your senses in off mode.

Being within the La Laguna Biosphere Reserve, its care and conservation make it even more special; they have all the protocols required by the government to conserve the place and thus allow future generations to continue enjoying this paradise.

Its main attraction is the "Cañón de la zorra"; It is a pool with one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area and pools of green-turquoise water that invite you to cool off and alleviate all your sensations. Depending on the time you visit, there will be more or less water flow due to the rainy and hurricane seasons, but you can enjoy this natural beauty all year round. 

And not everything remains in the beauty of the water and its wonderful postcard since the magic of these places also lies in observing nature from a place of peace and harmony, watching birds just by sitting down to rest in your cabin, contemplating their sounds, colors, and breathing aromas that transport us to incredible serenity.

Without forgetting the nights with a profound silence that makes us aware of the importance of our passage through this land and the care we must give it to leave a positive mark on it. The blessing of contemplating a completely starry sky, thanks to the fact that there is no light pollution, makes the experience magnificent.

This ranch has a restaurant service with exquisite regional food. But If you plan on making your own meals during your stay, the cabins are equipped with a kitchen and cooking essentials to make it easier for you.

Spending a few days off at Rancho Sol de Mayo will make your days in Baja California Sur even more special; you'll have the chance to leave with memories of both the incredible variety of marine life and the beauty of the Sierra, which invites us to explore another captivating aspect of Baja.
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