Casa Micana: Luxury Living In Puerto Los Cabos

Luxury Living Puerto Los Cabos

When we arrive in Los Cabos, we find authentic experiences that make our rest days unforgettable. The almost perfect climate all year round invites us to enjoy and explore different activities that bring us closer to the most exquisite natural environments.

This residence we present to you today is close to one of the most beautiful areas, Eastern Cape. When you stay at Casa MICANA, you will not only be able to rest surrounded by luxurious comforts but also have the possibility of exploring remote beaches where you can do various water activities and be away from the crowds. And if fishing is one of your hobbies, one of the most popular activities in this region. In that case, we are obligated to tell you that you will find a great variety of fish that will enrich your day by being able to do this activity. in some of the turquoise waters you can find. Fish such as grouper, marlin, sailfish, dorado, and tuna are the most common in these South California waters.

Cabo de Este encompasses beautiful landscapes that will take you to one of the jewels of this peninsula. A small, sustainable town called Cabo Pulmo has been declared a national park. Here, you can witness one of the most spectacular marine diversity on the planet. Our natural aquarium will leave you amazed… there is no doubt about that!

CASA MICANA, located within a gated community in Puerto Los Cabos, offers stunning views of the golf courses and the Sea of Cortez. Equipped and furnished with a subtle and elegant decoration, it is the perfect refuge for a few days of complete rest and enjoyment.

It has an infinity pool, jacuzzi, and a beautiful outdoor living room, where you can enjoy the impressive surroundings while remembering all your experiences.

Of course, you will also have access to the prestigious Beach Club Puerto Los Cabos, which will further enhance your unforgettable stay if you prefer not to go out on an adventure but to stay in complete relaxation.

Conveniently located for exploring the city, CASA MICANA is just a 15-minute drive from Plaza Mijares, the vibrant heart of San José del Cabo. Here, you can immerse yourself in the diverse gastronomic offerings for which the destination is famous. The Art Walk every Thursday and its cobblestone streets, with the vibrant colors of our beloved Mexico, will seal an incredible trip through these lands.

Discover the Aquarium of the World.

Discover the Aquarium of the World

The Marina is located a few minutes from this residence, and there you can experience the immense beauty of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean on yachts and sailboats, exploring the so-called "Aquarium of the World." When you experience the nobility of the marine fauna and the reefs that this sea offers you, you will understand the importance of its preservation and reflect on conscious care of these sensitive spaces that are of fundamental importance so that the habitats are not modified due to poor management of the human being. At LIFESTYLE, we always invite you to reflect and raise awareness about the care of our natural environment.

CASA MICANA is waiting to welcome you for the best vacation, with the excellent service that LIFESTYLE VILLAS is known for. Enjoy a life of luxury and create memories that will last a lifetime.